The Only Party-Builder Left

State Party Chairs and Vice Chairs:

The position of DNC Chair is a Party-building position.  State Party Chairs and Vice Chairs know how to build our Party.  If you want a Party-builder as DNC Chair, I am your candidate.

In 2009, when the Republicans were in a similar position to where we are today, they chose a State Party Chair to run the RNC.  It worked for them, and they just chose another State Party Chair to succeed him.

Let’s focus on what the job of DNC Chair is and choose the candidate with the specific Party-building skills and experience that are required.

As Chairs and Vice Chairs of State Parties, you know this better than anyone.  Please pass this message along to the other DNC members in your states so we can make sure everyone with a vote knows the type of person we need in the job.

I have what it takes to get the job done.



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