Rebuilding the Democratic Party

Moving toward 2018 and 2020 united as Democrats, we must reach out to every state, every community, and every voter and make sure everyone has a meaningful voice in our democracy. The DNC can no longer be a political organization looking for votes every two or four years; it must become a community organization working in our neighborhoods with grassroots activists addressing the day-to-day issues faced by middle and working class voters. To do this successfully, Jaime will:

•Devote 100% of his time and energy to the job

• Invest in all 50 State Parties (plus those in the territories and Democrats Abroad) by increasing the State Partnership Program to $12,000 a month and easing restrictions on how that money is spent

• Provide State Parties with professional and specialized operations, capabilities, and in- kind services on a permanent basis through regional Caucus hubs, i.e., provide political, press, fundraising, and tech staff dedicated to serve state parties in each region

• Empower regional Caucuses through joint fundraising and candidate support efforts and ensure Caucuses have dedicated funds to support local candidates and efforts

• Work with the FEC and Congress to make sure that super PACs and other political organizations are held to the same standard as State Parties

• Build a deep bench of potential Democratic candidates who are connected to their communities on every level by supporting state and national political training fellowships modeled after South Carolina’s James E. Clyburn Political Fellowship

• Give young people a seat at the decision table by creating a Vice Chair position for those 35 and younger

• Spark a new wave of political technological innovation by creating a tech competition to address party eld and message outreach efforts

• Promote and invest in community-based activities and messaging modeled after SC Democrats Care

• Establish a surrogate program to assist states and local parties with securing Democratic speakers

• Host strategy and message coordination sessions with affiliated groups from the DCCC and DSCC and DGA to DLCC and DMO

• Provide financial and legal assistance to State and Local Parties and legislators to stop gerrymandering and challenge gerrymandered districts in court

• Fight to end GOP voter suppression and make voting more convenient

• Push to get big money out of politics and cultivate small-dollar donors at the national, state, and local levels

• Support Democratic candidates up and down the ticket

As a State Party Chair in a red state, Jaime knows the struggles that each State Party encounters. He knows what it’s like to fight to keep the doors open, meet a payroll each month, and conduct effective party building efforts. As a full-time DNC Chair, Jaime will fully recommit the DNC to State and Local Parties because he knows that they are the ones who can reach voters where they are and show the voters that Democrats can improve their lives.

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