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Moving toward 2018 and 2020 united as Democrats, we must reach out to every state, every community, and every voter.


  • Invest in all 50 state parties (plus those in the territories and Democrats Abroad) to provide them with professional and specialized operations and capabilities on a permanent basis by increasing SPP to $12,000 a month and providing in-kind services
  • Build a deep bench of potential Democratic candidates who are connected to their communities on every level by supporting state and national political training fellowships
  • Give young people a seat at the decision table by creating a Vice Chair position for those 35 and younger
  • Spark a new wave of political technological innovation by creating a tech competition to address Party field and message outreach efforts
  • Empower regional Caucuses through joint fundraising and candidate support efforts
  • Promote and invest in community-based activities and messaging
  • Support Democratic candidates up and down the ticket
  • Cultivate small-dollar donors at the national, state, and local levels
  • Devote 100% of his time and energy to the job.


With complete Republican control of government over the next two years, our country risks the reversal of the progress we have made under President Obama. As Chair, Jaime will galvanize the grassroots to fight against harmful GOP proposals and will draw stark distinctions so that all Americans will understand what we have to lose from Republican policies and what we have to gain by electing Democrats.

Jaime will join with Democratic elected officials and candidates to fight for our progressive platform:

  • Affordable, high-quality education from pre-K through college and job training
  • An economy that works for everyone, with a higher minimum wage and protections for workers
  • End the demonization of unions and unionized workers
  • Health care that is a right, not a privilege
  • Comprehensive immigration reform that builds on our strength as a nation of immigrants
  • A responsible foreign policy that protects our national security
  • Investing in clean energy jobs to provide opportunity and protect the planet


Our system deviates far too much from the essential democratic principle of one person, one vote. As Chair, Jaime will fight to overcome antiquated processes, self-interested politicians, and big money so that every American has an equal voice in our democracy.

To achieve this goal, Jaime will be the leading advocate to:

  • End voter suppression – Jaime will fight antidemocratic GOP measures and tactics that make it harder to vote for no legitimate purpose.
  • Get big money out of politics – Under Citizens United and other misguided court decisions, our elections are dominated by undisclosed and unaccountable money. Jaime will fight to return our democracy to the people so that everyone has an equal voice, regardless of how much money you have.
  • Stop gerrymandering – Politicians and party bosses are picking their voters instead of voters picking their elected officials. This is unhealthy for democracy and governance. Jaime will fight to establish fair districting processes in all jurisdictions.

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