Letter from Jim Clyburn


I hope you will join me in support of Jaime Harrison for Chair of the Democratic National Committee. As Chairman of the South Carolina Democratic Party, Jaime has the tested experience, proven vision, and total commitment sorely needed to rebuild our party and return us to victories on the national, state, and local levels.

As a young member of my congressional staff, Jaime developed a reputation as a “go to” staffer with keen political instincts. Before I became House Majority Whip, Jaime served as Executive Director of the House Democratic Caucus and during my four years as Whip, he served as Floor Director. He developed strong relationships with all Members of our diverse Caucus and successfully advanced our Democratic agenda. I know he can unite our Party because I have seen him do it.

In 2012, Jaime moved back to our beloved home state and immediately began working to rebuild the South Carolina Democratic Party. He was elected State Party Chair in 2013, becoming the first African American to hold the post. Jaime moved quickly to reorganize the party, build our candidate bench, and expand the party’s outreach into every corner of the state. He’ll do the same nationwide as DNC Chair. Please consider contributing to Jaime’s campaign today.

I often say that no one is any more or any less than what their experiences allow them to be. Jaime’s experiences have made him adept at connecting with people at all levels – from South Carolina fish fries and Maryland crab boils to the hallowed halls of our finest institutions and governmental jurisdictions. We need a DNC Chair who understands, appreciates, and values the diversity of our party.

Jaime Harrison is pitch-perfect for the job. His unrelenting work ethic, keen intellect, collaborative spirit, and utmost integrity will serve our Party well. For him to have the opportunity, we all need to help. Please do what you can to help today.

With best regards, I am.


James E. Clyburn

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