Jaime Harrison Offers Resolution Establishing DNC Youth Vice Chair

Columbia, SC–Jaime Harrison submitted a resolution to the Democratic National Committee in support of establishing a Youth Vice Chair position to be held by a person under age 35.

“Young people aren’t just the future of the Democratic Party; they’re the present,” Harrison said. “The Millennial generation is the most progressive in America, and the Democratic Party is the vehicle to elect progressives to office. We need young people’s voices at the table to strengthen our Party and strengthen our communities.”

The resolution, which will be considered at the DNC Winter Meeting, states:

“Resolution in support of establishing a Youth Vice Chair position, which must be held by a person under the age of 35.

“Whereas, the Democratic Party recognizes that young voters are a substantial voting bloc and that they significantly influence the outcome of all elections and provide a tremendously positive impact on the local, state and national level;

“Whereas, the Democratic Party recognizes that young people care deeply about their communities and the political issues of the day, and in many cases are active participants in informal political activities and online activism;

“Whereas, the DNC must engage young voters much earlier and must strengthen the education and outreach to young voters to communicate more effectively about Democratic Party policies, platforms and candidates;

“Whereas, the Democratic National Committee is deeply concerned that the interest of young people is decreasing in formal political activity, including voting and party membership;

“Whereas, many young people feel marginalized, disconnected or excluded from the Democratic Party;

“Whereas, a lack of full participation by young people is a significant threat to the future of participatory democracy and to the Democratic Party;

“Whereas, achieving meaningful democracy requires the full and active participation of young people and youth organizations in democratic processes at the local, state and national levels;

“Whereas, the Democratic Party must be committed to recruiting, training, and developing the next generation of candidates and party leaders;

“Whereas, the members of the Democratic National Committee who are under the age of 35 are not represented fully among the leadership of the DNC;

“Therefore, the membership of the DNC supports the establishment of a Vice Chair position to be held by a person who must be under the age of 35 whose main responsibility will be to provide input to the DNC leadership on ways to effectively communicate with and engage young voters and to be a conduit to young voters and the organizations which represent them.”

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