Jaime Harrison Endorsed By Congressman Tim Ryan

Today, I was honored to receive the endorsement of Congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio.  We spoke together at a press conference alongside Representatives James E. Clyburn, John Larson, and Marcia Fudge, who have also endorsed my campaign.  Watch the entire press conference here.

As we enter the final stretch of the campaign before the vote in Atlanta, it means so much to have the support of a progressive leader like Congressman Ryan.  He shares my belief that, to rebuild our party, we must show people in every community in America that we are fighting for them.

“As we choose the next leader of the DNC, we must avoid the temptation to view the DNC as something it is not. The DNC is not a Cabinet department, a congressional office, or a city hall, though Democrats with experience in those capacities have equally important roles to play in our comeback. Rather, the DNC is a grassroots party-building organization. So we need a leader who knows how to build a party from the grassroots. That leader is Jaime Harrison.


“I want my constituents to know that the DNC is fighting for them. We must build trust in our entire Party, trust that transcends any particular candidate or officeholder. Jaime knows that to build this trust, we can’t just tell people we care about them; we need to show them. And the only way to show them is to be a constant positive presence in every community in America. Jaime understands this, and he has the experience in a State Party that will enable him to get the job done.”

-Congressman Tim Ryan


I hope you’ll watch the press conference to hear Congressman Ryan in his own words. I am honored to have the support of these stellar members of Congress, and I would be honored to have yours as well.


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