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Jaime has been busy across the country talking with Democrats about the future of our Party and where we go from here.

Jaime speaking with the Chair, Vice Chair, and Executive Director of the New Mexico Democratic Party

Yesterday in Phoenix, Jaime met with DNC members from throughout the Western region and presented his vision for our Party at the first DNC Future Forum. Those in attendance were impressed with his background, skills, and experience.  Jaime is well-suited to the tasks of rebuilding our Party organization from the bottom up and taking our Democratic message to every community in America—and people are taking note!

Last week, several members of Congress and the Democratic National Committee endorsed Jaime Harrison’s campaign for DNC Chair.

Reps. John Larson, Marcia Fudge, Bennie Thompson, Sanford Bishop, former Reps. John Spratt and John Barrow, former Del. Donna Christensen, and DNC Members Donald Fowler, Kaye Lingle Koonce, Carol Fowler, and Clay Middleton.

All of them praised Jaime’s experience leading the South Carolina Democratic Party, as well as his temperament and experience on Capitol Hill as reasons why he is the right person at the right time for the next DNC Chair.

In Delaware, Jaime spoke to the Potomac Coalition 21st Annual Jeffrey Arlyn Young Policy Retreat. The theme of the retreat was “The Electoral Rise of the Working Class and its demand for inclusion of economic public policy—What does this mean for Urban Americans?” and Jaime, along with several other DNC Candidate, spoke to attendees about his priorities if elected chair.

Jaime spoke to Chris Reeves of Daily Kos about his candidacy and what work lies ahead for Democrats:

“‘Part of the strategy, Harrison noted, would be a ground-up review of the culture present in the party. How do you improve the party? In Harrison’s view, part of it is getting away from looking too far ahead. “We have no idea who might run in 2020. Right now, we need to be focused on who is running in 2017 and 2018. We need a total culture change.'”

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