Building a New South: My Speech at the 2016 Convention

As we gather in Houston today for the Southern Regional Forum, and as we prepare for the DNC Winter Meeting next month in Atlanta, I have been thinking about how the Democratic Party can rebuild and win again in the South. This is a challenge that I have been working to tackle for many years, and I have enjoyed working on it with many of those here this weekend.

I want to share with you the video of my speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention, in which I laid out my vision for a New South. With a revitalized 50-State Strategy, we will go to every community in every state to rebuild trust in the Democratic Party.

Watch my speech here:

The challenge of revitalizing the Democratic Party in the South isn’t about the Democratic Party; it’s about the millions of people in the South who are at risk of harm from plutocratic Republican policies and who would benefit greatly from progressive Democratic policies.

Join me as we fight for those people.



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