Weekend Recap

Happy holidays and happy Monday. I had a great weekend on the campaign trail and wanted to share the highlights with you.

On Saturday, I traveled to Columbus to attend the Ohio Democratic Party’s Executive Committee meeting and talk with DNC members from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Indiana. I discussed my plans for a reinvigorated 50-State Strategy focused on the grassroots, which is the best way to turn these areas blue again. Watch video from Saturday’s forum here. We have great people leading our State and Local Parties; the DNC must invest in them again.




We also must invest in the next generation of our Party. I was unable to attend the Young Democrats of America meeting this weekend in Memphis, but I sent along this video laying out my plans to sustain and expand our success among young voters. As DNC Chair, I plan to create a new Vice Chair position for those 35 and younger because the DNC needs young people at the table.



My campaign for DNC Chair is centered on my conviction that the Democratic Party must reach out to every community and every voter, including those who haven’t supported us in recent decades. To that end, I appeared on Fox News over the weekend to discuss my plans to rebuild our Party; watch the interview here.



I look forward to speaking directly with all of you in the coming weeks about my plans to revitalize the Democratic Party from the ground up so that we can win elections throughout the country.  With Donald Trump and his Republican cronies preparing to enact a plutocratic agenda and undermine America’s position in the world, the stakes are too high everywhere for us to give an inch anywhere.  I am ready to win this fight.



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